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Is Bad Credit Keeping You From Buying A Home?


 5 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score


Are you stuck in the cycle of renting because of bad credit?  Do you long for that white picket fence and a home you can truly call your own (and decorate however you want)?  Regardless of your past, bad credit can be cleared up!  As a real estate agent, I want to help my clients improve and maintain a good credit score so that you can get to the closing table.

Here are five tips that can help you set yourself up for success in buying a home:

1.  Maintain a good credit history

Credit accounts are like wine—the older, the better. Keep your older accounts open, as the length of your history determines roughly 15% of your credit score

2. Know your score

Even before you begin the process of shopping for a mortgage, gain visibility by checking your credit report for free. Make sure it's free of errors or fraudulent activity.

3. Avoid a new loan

Don't open a new line of credit before your mortgage closes. If you get a new auto loan, you may end up with a car instead of a home.

4.  Pay bills on time

One late payment can severely damage your score. If you tend to forget to pay your bills, set up automatic payments.

5.  Wait to make large purchases

Need a new couch or bed? Wait to buy until you're in your new home. Remember: Your lender will do another credit check right before the loan closes.


The more you know, the better!  If you would like more detailed advice on any of these five tactics above, don't hesitate to contact me anytime.  I'd be happy to get you connected with a lender that can give you a no-obligation gameplan to help put you on the right path to buying a home sooner than you think!

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